J  P  Urquiza Pipes

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My name is Juan Pablo Urquiza and I began smoking pipes three years ago. The reason was curiosity, I just loved the way pipe smoke smelled. I began collecting and refurbishing old pipes as a hobby. One year later I made my first pipe made out of cherrywood.  I made my second pipe out of olive wood after one year of making my first pipe.  Online forum friends liked that second pipe and order about five. This is how I got motivated to keep  making pipes out of different types of  rosewood, olive wood and for many months, out of briar. 

Up until March, 2015, 95 percent of my work was done by hand.  I shaped my pipes using files only.  It takes longer than using a lathe but I enjoy seeing the finish product knowing that I did most of it using as little power tools as possible. I take pride in doing my work in this way but in an effort to produce more pipes now I use a lathe. I am still limited on the amount of pipes I have to offer at this time but please check often for available pipes.

My Warranty 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the pipe, please contact me immediately so we can arrange for a return and refund of the purchase price. I will gladly take the pipe within 14 days if it has not been smoked,  damaged or modified in any way.